Teardrop Pallet Racks

RACKS OF AMERICA is pleased to present roll-formed Pallet Racks, commonly referred to as Standard Pallet Rack and Teardrop Pallet Rack, to fit any warehouse equipment storage requirement. Selective Pallet Rack is the main component of every warehouse system. It can beused as a stand-alone for pallet storage or as part of complex engineered systems for Carton Flow or Pallet Flow Pick Modules. Vogler Equipment is a leader in Industrial Pallet Rack equipment systems from design through installation. Let our knowledgeable sales and design department create a pallet solution that’s just right for you. Contact us today at 800-422-2522 or email us to learn more about Vogler Equipment and how a pallet rack system can help your organization.

Numerous gauges and post sizes can accommodate any capacity requirement with both a C-section and the SuperPost closed-tube upright to satisfy the most stringent designs.

Pallet Racks are available with the following connections:

Interchangeable: Fits all major manufacturers’ Interchangeable rack.

T-Bolt: Patented T-Bolt Rack bolted connection which allows for the easiest bolted installation available.

Interchangeable Pallet Rack is an interlocking design with teardrop-shaped punching on 2″ centers along the face of the upright columns, also known as a Teardrop Rack. We offer different locking connections including the patented Gravity Lock and various spring lock designs to hold beams in place securely and allow for easy relocation.

T-Bolt Pallet Rack is a rigid, bolted design that saves time and money as it does not require installers to reach inside the column. The T-Bolt head simply inserts through the beam connector and column and a quarter-turn locks it into place. It is easily tightened at the front of the post. This front-end-only connection offers the structural strength of bolting with the fastest installation in the industry. T-Bolt style uprights are punched on 3″ vertical centers.

Both T-Bolt rack and Interchangeable pallet rack designs feature all-welded construction for maximum strength and stability. RACKS OF AMERICA can manufacture 40′ continuous rolled columns and create splicing channels for taller systems. Modernized equipment with automatic and robotic welding, coupled with trained AWS certified welders ensure adherence to manufacturing tolerances and facilitate pallet rack installation.

State-of-the-art powder coat paint systems apply a durable and corrosion resistant finish that will last for years to come.

All racks are compliant with the latest RMI specifications and ANSI standards.

We manufacture the broadest product line in the industry, to turn ordinary pallet rack into Carton Flow, Pallet Flow, Push Back or Drive in rack and Drive Thru Systems. Regardless of your requirement, RACKS OF AMERICA Pallet Rack can lower your distribution costs and become your single source for all material handling solutions.