Carton Flow Racks

Carton Flow Racks can be used either as free standing units or as part of a system in conjunction with conveyor, static storage, and multi-level mezzanines.

The main advantage of Carton Flow Racks is that merchandise remains better organized and easier to find and choose.

Separating the loading aisle from the retrieval aisle allows pickers to operate more efficiently. Carton Flow, with its tilted shelves which improve visibility and order accuracy, is the perfect answer for split case or piece picking. Other options, such as impact decks and intermediate supports, can help guard against warehouse abuse and prolong system longevity. Carton Flow can be integrated with conveyors and other storage solutions to create functional pick modules and warehouse product picking efficiency.

With Carton Flow Racks, the product is automatically rotated on a first-in, first-out basis. Merchandise is stocked in the rear of the carton flow rack and moves toward the picking station in front on an inclined shelf equipped with specially designed roller track. When a carton is removed from the picking station, the next one in line rolls to the front. Carton flow is a great system that always keeps items easily within reach. Inventory is simpler to monitor and control as products are fully visible at all times.

Carton Flow can dramatically improve warehouse efficiency by organizing product and rotating stock automatically. Long, straight, dedicated lanes maintain product organization and keep labor costs down. Storage space can be increased thereby keeping building costs down. Typically, Carton Flow systems use about half the floor space that a standard pallet rack occupies and the difference can be more dramatic with multi-level systems. The simplicity of gravity driven systems requires less capital than maintenance-prone automated systems.

Get the most use out of your inaccessible storage space with Gravity Flow Racks. Carton flow racks help reduce labor costs and provide highly efficient stock picking systems for assembly lines.

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